Woman arrested for DUI after driving on rim with margarita in cup holder, police say

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TULSA, Okla. (WFLA) – An Oklahoma woman is facing several charges after police say they caught her driving on a bare tire rim with a full drink in her cup holder.

Tulsa police say they were conducting a traffic stop when the woman, later identified as Amy Ann Dillon, drove up to them. The officers said she was driving on a rim after wrecking her car on something and noted that they could “hear her coming from a block away.”

Officers say Dillon claimed she had two tequila shots but “could barely stand upright” as she was talking to them. A full margarita was then found inside her cup holder, according to the police blotter.

Police say Dillon did not do well on field sobriety tests and “blew a .21 and climbing.”

Dillon was arrested for DUI second offense, a felony, among several other charges. Police say she could also face hit-and-run charges if they found out what she hit.

Police posted the arrest information to their Facebook page on Sunday. After receiving some criticism about shaming the suspect, officers explained that the purpose of the post was to discourage others from drinking and driving.

“This page has 83,834 followers and if 1% of those people read this post and think I shouldn’t drink and drive tonight. That’s 838 people that aren’t going to endanger peoples lives tonight,” they commented.

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