NBA players staying sharp at Indianapolis gym

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Tucked away on the west side of the city sits the Factory, owned and operated by the Teagues, a family that boasts three Indiana All-Stars

Shawn Teague — along with his sons Jeff, an NBA All-Star, and Marquis, who plays for the NBA G League Memphis Hustle — opened The Factory in 2017. It’s a three-court basketball facility with areas for strength and agility training. Now more than ever, the 33,500-square-foot gym has come in clutch for the entire Indianapolis basketball community.

“We kind of felt like we had an advantage because we can still stay in shape. And we know a lot of people don’t have the opportunity, but people around here, we opened up the gym to our guys. It has been a blessing, man, just to have this,” said Marquis.

“I’m so thankful. And you know, some of the resources have been limited now. I mean, where I’m from, a lot of the goals have been taken down. So, for The Factory, I’ve been so thankful,” former Butler and Pendleton Heights standout Kellen Dunham said.

Dunham plays in the NBA G League as well, as a guard for the Capital City Go-Go, an affiliate of the Washington Wizards.

“I feel comfortable here. It’s like home. I’m originally from Louisville, but I’ve been training up here for years now, so got a spot here,” said another former Butler Bulldog, Kelan Martin.  Martin is currently a guard for the Minnesota Timberwolves.

While most gyms around the globe were locked down because of coronavirus, the Hoosiers knew they could count on their big basketball family in Indiana. The Factory and the Teague family took all of the extra precautions, but they gave the local professional players a court to work on and some healthy competition if they were up for it.

“I mean, here at the Factory is where all the pros go. I like that. Everybody’s back now getting runs in, working out with other guys,” said Yogi Ferrell, guard for the Sacramento Kings and former Indiana basketball star.

Dunham said, “To be able to come back in this basketball environment in Indianapolis. And then just even the other day, there’s so many guys here that are playing professionally, playing open gym, so we’re able to make each other better in that sense.”

Open gym is an understatement of what’s really going down at the Factory. Invites are exclusive, the gym is packed with pros, and there’s no telling you you might bump into on the court on any given day.

“We let them come work out with us and play guys like Yogi, Glenn Robinson, Lance Stephenson,” said Marquis Teague.

Martin added, “Guys like Yogi Ferrell, Dakota Mathias, Bryce Moore.”

“I’ve been working with guys like Trey Lyles, Keyline Martin, Trayvon Blue, James Blackman, a lot of, you know, home guys. Everybody knows you guys know those names,” said Ferrell.

The big names of Indiana basketball back together again, for a few more weeks. But come late July, the competition will no longer be friendly.

Ferrell said when the league gets going again, his time at the Factory could benefit more than just staying in shape. 

He said, “Ultimately I think it could definitely help. Just seeing how guys play, especially you could meet him in the playoffs. You never know.”

Martin said, “It feels good, it’s fun when we’re in open gym, those guys are just friends. But when we’re between the lines, they’re like enemies.”

“We got all kinds of NBA players. So I feel like it’s just a good thing for the kids. Get to see that of close and personal, this is raising the level of talent, the level of competition, just in the Indianapolis community,” said Marquis Teague.

So, as basketball makes its big return, the Factory will have done its job once again: keeping Hoosier hoops at the top of its game.


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