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Neighbor fights liquor store expansion in east side community

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — For more than 20 years Mark Zoss has run his body shop out of a building on East Washington Street, but with property values on the rise in the area he decided to sell.  

“I need the equity out of this building to do what I want to do,” explained Mark Zoss.

Zoss was able to find a buyer. Parti Pak Liquors would like to use the building to expand their distribution business and retail space. 

“Typically on projects like this you might have some pushbacks and neighbors who are concerned,” explained Bart Herriman, a lawyer representing the retailer.

One concerned neighbor is Chris Straab. He is part of a neighborhood association fighting the proposal for the store. 

“This really isn’t a needed service for the community,” said Straab. 

Straab said there are at least six other places close by to buy liquor. 

“We are working to compile crime statistics within the community on what the crimes look like within a certain boundary of these stores,” said Straab. 

Straab and his neighbors presented their argument Thursday afternoon and lost — at least this round. The guy stuck in the middle of this fight is Zoss, the current owner who says the deal is fragile.

“And I have heard rumors that they already, they don’t want to upset the neighborhood association and they are talking about puling out of the deal as it sits right now, ” said Zoss. 

The neighborhood association said they will continue to fight the proposal.