Neighbors frustrated by final plan for gas station, auto shop

Neighbors frustrated by final plan for gas station, auto shop

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — People living near 49th and Pennsylvania are seeing the final plans for a Circle K gas station expansion. But it comes at the cost of pushing out a local mechanic.

During Monday’s open house, one woman asked if Circle K had already made up its mind. A representative nodded his head, confirming what they’d been fearing.

Angry neighbors begged two Circle K representatives to halt the plans to expand the convenience store.

The project calls for the elimination of Ty’s Penn Shell Automotive. We asked company officials about the community’s concerns.

We got nothing. Circle K was unable to comment on the plan to the media and couldn’t talk while we were recording. Now, people think the company has no interest in anything outside of its own agenda.

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“Circle K has not been interested in hearing what their customers want or even ask a customer ‘How can we serve you better?'” Terry Sanderson said.

Circle K says it’s interested in hearing feedback, but neighbors aren’t really confident with what they’ve been told.

“They had nothing,” Ty’s owner, Ty Tarr said. “The same that they’ve been telling me. That this is their plan. They’ll take everything that everybody says back to the higher people, but this is where they’re still standing. They stand the same as they’ve been all along.”

So as things are, Tarr is still set to leave his auto shop on Aug. 9 after 40 years in business. He says he’s grateful for all the supporters who came out, and he’s still holding out hope.

“I’d like to say my piece, which I have,” Tarr said. “You know, these are all my customers and I feel strong about it too. You know, I think I … belong as much as anybody, I guess. I want to be there for sure.”

Ty’s isn’t the only thing neighbors are worried about. They’re concerned the expansion will bring in more crime and loitering. Circle K had promised hours wouldn’t change from what they are now, closing down around 8 p.m. However, according to a new summary of improvements from Monday’s open house, the store will be staying open until 11 p.m. Now neighbors are worried more will change as the deal goes forward.

So, after all of the signs, and talking with representatives from Circle K, neighbors believe they’ve gotten the message across and plan to keep sending it.

“I plan not to patronize it at all,” Carter Keith said. “I’m not going to set foot in the place.”

Tarr says if he is forced to close, he’s not sure what his next move is.