Neighbors respond to offensive banner outside West Lafayette church


WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) – Some people living near the Unitarian Universalist Church said they woke up afraid on Monday morning after offensive banners were left outside the church on Sunday.

People said seeing that kind of language from their own backyard or across the street was unsettling.

Tammie Paul looked at the church across the street and struggled to hold back tears. She’s worried about the children in her neighborhood.

“To promote that kind of hate and hang it at a church, that’s … I don’t know what is in the mind of that person, I really don’t, nor do, like I said before, nor do I want to,” said Paul.

Purdue student Elaine Moates says she moved to the neighborhood because she heard it was a safe area, but she’s going to have her guard up when she walks to and from class from now on.

“Especially since I walk through here a lot at night, and usually I’m alone, so just I guess my fear will increase,” said Moates.

Members of the church don’t want people to be afraid.

“The response to terrorism is to not be terrorized,” said Charlie Davis, a minister at the church.

The church is holding an affirmation of freedom Wednesday night. Anyone is invited to attend.

West Lafayette police said they were working to find out who put the banners up.

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