New DigIndy tunnel will also store sewage

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Citizen’s Energy Gas announced Thursday the addition of a sixth tunnel to the DigIndy system that will have storage capability.

Construction of the new tunnel in the DigIndy Tunnel System is in process, and Citizen’s Energy plan to include a proposed sewer interceptor to the new tunnel.

DigIndy is an underground tunnel system that is designed to store raw sewage and prevent sewer overflows into local waterways.

Currently, if central Indiana receives as little as a quarter inch of rain, the sewer system becomes overwhelmed and threatens to flow over.

The tunnel was originally designed to just convey sewage, but recent modifications will allow storage capacities as well. It’s been named the Eagle Creek Tunnel, and will run almost two-miles long and be able to contain as much as 17 million gallons of sewage.

Eagle Creek Tunnel construction will finish before December 2017.

The full DigIndy system is scheduled to finish by 2025, and will also include a White River Tunnel, a Lower Pogues Run Tunnel, a Fall Creek Tunnel and Pleasant Run Tunnel.

For more information on the Citizen’s Energy DigIndy Tunnel System, click here.


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