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New rules created for biking at Crown Hill Cemetery

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – There are some new rules for the growing cycling community in Indianapolis, if you’re planning to ride through Crown Hill Cemetery.

The executive director of IndyCog, Kevin Whited, says they met with Crown Hill officials to work together to draft the new rules.

The conversation started, he said, in the hopes that a few cyclists wouldn’t jeopardize all biking at Crown Hill, for those responsible cyclists.

IndyCog said Crown Hill officials told him one person was hurt after she crashed at the bottom of a steep hill, and another couple incidents they said, had to do with riders being too close to mourners at the cemetery.

They say bikers are welcome at Crown Hill, but they’re asking them to follow the new rules they’ve written up.

Riders are now asked to avoid the south downhill on Riley Hill, the big hill at the cemetery, and instead use the north side downhill which isn’t as steep.

They’ve also limited riding groups to four cyclists, and the cemetery will be closed to all riders on Memorial Day and Veterans Day.

They also asked riders if you come across a funeral: stop and head in another direction at a slow or moderate pace.

Also – you’ll need to stay below the posted speed limit as well, which is 24 mph.

A couple months ago, the Indianapolis Museum of Art changed the access cyclists have there.Here is the full list of rules for biking at Crown Hill:

• Consider cemetery closed to all bicycle riders during Memorial & Veterans Day.

• Limit riding groups to a maximum of 4 cyclists.

• Avoid all memorial services or grieving families encountered in the cemetery. Find alternate routes and do not ride around or through services! Be respectful!

• If you unexpectedly come across a funeral, stop, and head in another direction at a slow to moderate pace.

• Avoid the south downhill at the Crown (aka Riley Hill). Use the north route, which is less steep, to descend from the hill. The north route is accessed by the road behind the Indiana AIDS Memorial and runs along the east side of the Crown. Descend at a moderate and controlled pace.

• Be alert at all intersections. No traffic control devices are in place, and pedestrians, other cyclists, vehicles, wildlife, and Crown Hill employees could be in the area.

• Stay below the posted speed limit (24 MPH).

• Remember: Crown Hill Cemetery is not a racecourse. Irresponsible cycling puts all biking at Crown Hill in jeopardy.

• Families and all respectful riders are welcome at Crown Hill Cemetery.