New school combines online learning with hands-on experience

MORGANTOWN, Ind. (WISH) – A new school in Indiana is letting students get their hands dirty while they learn about agriculture and technology.

The 600-acre farm is based out of Morgantown but is open to any student in the state. That is because the bulk of the learning is done online. 

Once a month the students will come to the Morgantown farm to get hands-on opportunity on the things they have learned.

“Agriculture is big in Indiana. It’s a $31 billion business and there’s so many avenues for kids to go through in the agriculture business. The average age of the farmer is 64. We at least want to expose kids to the agriculture industry,” said Keith Marsh, who is the Chief Academic Officer of the Indiana Agriculture and Technology School.

Students recently met at the farm and learned about food science through use of the five senses.

“I really enjoy the ag part of it. I enjoy coming to the farm for the meetings and having different experiences with different people,” said sophomore Miranda Scafford, who is from Martinsville.

The cheese evaluation seemed to be pretty easy for Scafford, who hopes to one day have a career in agriculture.

“I probably would like to be in the dairy industry. I really enjoy it. I’m really big into 4-H and the ag industry. So, I thought it would be right up my alley, like with animals and being outside,” she added.

The school has 127 enrolled at this time and are still accepting students for this school year. School started about five weeks ago.

Indiana Agriculture and Technology School is a tuition-free charter school and enrolls grade seventh through grade 12.

Throughout the school year students will get to explore more of the 600 acre property including the wetlands and forests when they study forest management conservation.

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