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New study debunks long-held dieting belief

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – One new study debunks a long-held dieting belief about portion sizes. Prior research suggest, If you use a smaller plate for meals you will trick your mind into eating less, but a new study suggests that may not be true anymore.

When it comes to dieting, previous research suggests perception of food proportions differ depending on whether it is served on a larger or smaller plate. Essentially, if  you are trying to eat less,  a smaller plate could trick the mind into seem like you’re eating more, allowing you to eat less. The new study from the national center for biotechnology information showed the mind is a powerful thing.

IU health dietitian Katie Hake says hunger is also very powerful.

“I think really the take away from the study is to be more mindful when it comes to eating,” says Hake. “We can try all these different tips and tricks. Are you still hungry after that small plate of food? Well then you should probably eat a little bit more but if you are full then stop yourself. Ultimately, if you’re physically hungrier, looking at something a different size isn’t going to change that.” 

In conclusion, when people are hungry, especially when dieting, they are less likely to be fooled by the plate size, more likely to realize they are eating less and more prone to overeating later.

So, although it seems like a good trick just realize when you’re hungry or ‘hangry’ , your brain overrides this popular optical illusion.  

To read the new study, click here.