New way to play golf has several central Indiana golfers raving


INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Members at Highland Country Club on the northwest side of Indianapolis are raving about the Golf Board.

It’s fast and is changing the way folks are playing the game of golf.

“They’ve noticed that they can play golf in less than three hours if the whole group takes them. Also notice a lot of guys just take it out for a joy ride. A quick nine holes or a quick 18, you get a little more exercise than you think.” said Nate Holm, the head golf professional at Highland Country Club

This summer Highland was the first club in Indiana to purchase four Golf Boards and members are loving it.

“It’s kind of fun. It’s great to be able to get out. It’s really fast. I think the first time we played we played 18 in about two hours and forty-five minutes. So it’s quick, it’s fun, and for someone who obviously doesn’t walk a whole lot, it’s great to get out of the cart and get out.” said Chris Reffett, a member at Highland Country Club.

These golf boards can go up to 12 miles an hour and they’re good for about 27 holes on a good charge. The same rules are applied for these boards just like golf carts on the course. But the cost is more..$6,500 for a board.

“It’s really cool. This is actually my first time out on it, and we’ve had a blast so far. It makes playing a lot more fun. You find your ball faster, find yardage marks quicker, so it’s fun.” said Andrea Metzler, a member at Highland Country Club.

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