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NFB Newsline provides free print publications and more to visually impaired

NFB Newsline provides free print publications and more to visually impaired

If you don’t have the ability to see, you know just how important the little things in life can be. 

On today’s Indy Style, Lee Martin, SR., NFB Newsline-IN State Coordinator, and Florence Myers McSwine, Assistant to the Coordinator, tell us more about NFB-NEWSLINE:

NFB Newsline provides free print publications and more to visually impaired

NFB-NEWSLINE® is an audio Information service that provides the blind and print disabled residents of Indiana with access to over 500 print publications, job listings, retail advertising circulars, and interactive TV listings. The service is free of charge and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

NFB-NEWSLINE® service has been available to the print disabled residents of Indiana for over 25 years.

Who is eligible for NFB-NEWSLINE®?
Persons who are blind.
Persons who are legally blind and have significant vision loss.
Persons who are deaf-blind.
Persons that are mobility impaired and unable to turn pages. 
Persons that have certain forms of dyslexia.
We estimate over 150,000 persons in Indiana are either blind, deaf-blind, or have significant vision loss and would qualify for NFB-NEWSLINE® service; this estimate does not include persons who have mobility impairments or have organic dyslexia. 

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Methods Used to Access the NFB-NEWSLINE Service 
1. Touch-tone Telephone: Subscribers can call a toll-free number using any standard touch-tone telephone to listen to their newspapers read over the telephone. The telephone keypad allows easy navigation of newspapers, articles, and all other information on NFB-NEWSLINE. 
2. Internet: A second way to read publications on NFB-NEWSLINE is via the internet by visiting and logging into the secure website. 
3. Mobile App: The third way to access information on NFB-NEWSLINE is through the use of the free NFB-NEWSLINE Mobile application for Apple iOS devices such as the iPhone. The NFB-NEWSLINE Mobile App for the iPhone allows blind and deaf-blind NFB-NEWSLINE subscribers to read their newspapers right from their smartphone with a built-in screen-reader program or a connected Braille display. 
4. Amazon Alexa: The latest access method, which was just released to the public in late November 2018, is the Amazon Alexa skill. The skill will function on any of the Amazon Alexa family of products, including the Echo and Echo Dot. Subscribers simply use the invocation phrase “Alexa open National Federation” to log in to their account and start accessing the more than five hundred publications offered, all hands free. 

Currently, there are eighteen newspapers from Indiana on the NFB-NEWSLINE® system:

Associated Press, New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, etc.  

Financial Times, Guardian, Montreal Gazette, World Politics Review, London Telegraph, New Zealand Herald, etc.  

AARP Magazine, ESPN the Magazine, Consumer Reports, Family Circle, Guideposts, Stone Soup, etc.

Breaking News:
CNN, BBC, PC World, Rolling Stone, Time, Bloomberg, Voice of America,  (VOA), etc. 
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The service is free of charge and available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. NFB-NEWSLINE gives subscribers access to important news, information, and alerts that help them to live the lives they want. 

Emergency Weather Alerts 
The NFB-NEWSLINE emergency weather alert system, which was developed with AccuWeather®, provides the blind and deaf-blind with instantaneous, on-demand access to important lifesaving information in an accessible format. Prior to the NFB-NEWSLINE emergency weather alert system, a blind person would hear the beep tones on his or her television and know there was some sort of emergency situation. However, he or she would have no way to gather further details about the alert since the information was being visually scrolled across the screen. Now, through the emergency weather alert service on NFB-NEWSLINE, the blind and deaf-blind can access information about flash floods, snow storms, hurricanes, and other weather-related emergencies in order to keep themselves
and their families safe. 

Job listings with NFB-NEWSLINE are another important resource for subscribers. Job listings for NFB-NEWSLINE are provided by two leading national search engines with over 100,000 jobs listed. Subscribers can create a personal profile including geographic area and radius, any of sixty job categories, education level, and salary range. Subscribers will find all the most up-to-date listings every time they log into the Job Listings area of NFB-NEWSLINE. They can even apply for jobs through NFB-NEWSLINE. 

Retail Ads 
NFB-NEWSLINE offers Walmart and Target retail ads. Subscribers have access to detailed product descriptions and pricing for two of the largest retailers in the country. Subscribers have been thrilled with this opportunity to save money. 

Contact Information:
NFB Newsline Indiana
3737 N Meridian St Suite 202
Indianapolis, IN  46208
Toll 855-963-6476
Local 317-653-5106