Noblesville removes railroad tracks in downtown area

Noblesville removing railroad tracks

NOBLESVILLE, Ind. (WISH) — The city started work Monday to remove several lines of railroad tracks.

The deteriorating concrete bases and rails are being removed along South Eighth Street from Division Street to the south side of Conner Street (also known as State Road 32 and 38). A new strip of pavement will replace them.

The city said drivers should expect delays for about the next two weeks until the work is finished.

Noblesville Project Manager Andrew Rodewald said, “The project is being done because of the condition of the concrete and the rails. It’s a maintenance issue for the winter for our street department, our snowplows, having to maintain the holes that are in it, so this will help motorists have a better driving surface.”

Noblesville also is working to preserve the train tracks going north, which are used by the Nickel Plate Express for its trips to Atlanta, Indiana.

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