Noblesville’s Dalton Davis is the Athlete of the Month


NOBLESVILLE, Ind. (WISH) — Dalton Davis is doing big things for Noblesville High School’s football team.

He’s a four-year starter as a defense lineman for the Millers, but it’s what he’s doing off the field that makes him the perfect recipient of the IBEW Local 481 Athlete of the Month.

While playing football at Noblesville, Dalton has maintained a 3.6 GPA, and he is always giving back to the community. Dalton told News 8 he wouldn’t have it any other way.

“I love everything about it, it’s my fourth year here. I played varsity as a freshman, so I’ve kind of always been around most of these guys. It’s awesome. My favorite thing is probably just coming out here and getting rid of the stress of school and just kind of taking it out on the football field,” Dalton said. 

Battles are news for the Noblesville senior. He was born premature, due to complications. His parents know it’s a blessing seeing their son play the game he loves with opportunities to play in college.

“He’s always been a very compassionate kid. Hardworking, I give him all the credit. We’ve given him tools, we’ve always supported him in all of his endeavors and we’re just extremely proud of the young man he’s become,” said Dalton’s mother, Annie Davis.

“You see him walk down the hallway in school, you see him talking to kids that maybe aren’t the most popular kids, they don’t sit at a big table of kids, and he’ll go sit with them or he’ll go talk with them and at least give them a high five. You know, that means a lot,” said Dalton’s father, Robin. 

Jon Hooker with IBEW Local 481 joined News 8’s Anthony Calhoun to present Dalton with IBEW Local 481 Athlete of the Month: “Dalton on behalf of all your hard work, on the field, off the field, in the community. From IBEW Local 481, we’re proud to present you with a $1,000 scholarship. Keep up the good work.”

What does Dalton want to be remembered for when he graduates this year?

“What I really want to be remembered for is just a great student and someone that helped others as much as they could. Football is a big part of it, I want to be remembered as a good football player, but more of the person. I want to be a better person,” Dalton said. 

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