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November Project Indy celebrates its 5th birthday

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The November Project is a small fitness group that became a community.

People say it’s about even more than that, calling it a bond.

“We do as much as we can together. I mean it almost becomes a family,” November Project Indy co-founder, Jason Shaw said.

“It’s the community,” November Project Indy member, Joey McQueen said. “Everybody supports you, it’s free and it’s a great time.”

They don’t care about the weather conditions. They’re outdoors rain, sleet or snow.

The commitment and support from their peers is what sets them a part, and in five years, those ties have spread throughout the city of Indianapolis.

They’re becoming stronger in numbers and on the group’s fifth birthday in Indianapolis, they don’t plan on slowing down any time soon.

“It’s in 49 other cities around the world and we want to take over the world,” Shaw said.

If you’re interested in joining the group they meet Downtown on the northside of the Indiana War Memorial steps on Michigan Street at 5:30am and 6:30am. They also meet on Fridays at different locations around the city.

For more information about the November Project in Indianapolis and around the world, click here.