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OB/GYN physician accused of sexual relationship with patient

WASHINGTON, Ind. (WTHI) — A Washington, Indiana physician is set to go before Indiana’s Medical Licensing Review board in May following allegations that the physician took part in an inappropriate sexual relationship with a patient, provided the patient’s brother in-home counseling, and wrote undocumented prescriptions.

The information was disclosed in a consumer complaint filed by the Indiana Attorney General’s Office December 16, 2014. Michael Baker, who is listed on Heartland OB/GYN’s website as a physician, is named in the complaint. In total, the complaint details 15 claims that Baker allegedly took part in, starting in September of 2013 through April 2014.

David Bixler, CEO of Daviess Community Hospital, told News 10 via telephone Baker had voluntarily taken a leave of absence following the filing of the complaint. It was made clear that the complaint is only an allegation, and Dr. Baker has not been charged with a crime. The complaint filed against Baker will be reviewed by Indiana’s Medical Licensing Board.

A spokesperson on behalf of the Indiana Attorney General’s office explained that in a complaint of this nature, the board serves as “judge and jury,” first determining whether a medical violation occurred. If the board finds cause, the spokesperson explained, it would then determine whether Baker’s license to practice would be suspended or revoked. It was also explained Baker could face fines. The board is set to hear evidence tentatively at its May 28 meeting.

An attorney for Baker, Kevin Betz, of Betz and Blevins told News 10 via telephone Wednesday afternoon the litigation wasn’t credible and lacked information.

“We have reviewed the complaint by the Attorney General’s office and have found multiple inaccuracies and believe it to be fundamentally false,” said Betz, “We are seeking further information I can tell you, and documents from the Attorney General’s Office and we’re waiting on their delivering of that information and documentation.”