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Officer catches police impersonator in the act on US 231

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WISH) – Police say it was what Justin Ewert, 23, was driving and how he was driving that ultimately led to his arrest Wednesday.

The Martinsville man was accused of impersonating a police officer while trying to weave through a traffic jam on U.S. 231 in Tippecanoe County.

According to the West Lafayette Police Department, an officer driving an unmarked car pulled in front of the black and white car Ewert was driving when the suspect flashed lights from a light bar on top of the car.

Police said Ewert passed and the officer noticed the suspect’s car had radios installed, a laptop computer mounted and handcuffs hanging from where the spotlight is controlled.

The suspect told detectives that he outfits his car to deter crime while working security for a 24-hour restaurant near Indianapolis.

Ewert was facing a felony charge for impersonating a police officer. He was held in the Tippecanoe County jail.

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