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Officer praised for finding injured woman in snow

CELINA, Ohio (WANE) A police officer from Celina is being praised for finding an elderly woman injured and lying face down in the snow in below freezing temperatures late Tuesday.

WISH-TV sister station WANE News reported Sergeant Kent Taylor was patrolling a neighborhood in the 1100 block of Princeton and performing house checks.

As Sgt. Taylor was walking around 11 p.m., he noticed something in a backyard moving. It was an 82-year-old woman lying outside in the snow and on a patch of ice.

The woman said she had fallen when she went outside to get her dog. Police said she was outside for at least 30 minutes. No one could hear her cries for help.

The woman had a minor head injury and a broken arm. She was unable to get herself to her feet.

Sgt. Taylor helped the woman get inside and waited with her until an ambulance came to take her to the hospital.

Police believe it’s unlikely the woman would have been found had an officer not been patrolling the area.

Police Chief Tom Wale said he commends Sgt. Taylor for a job well done and saving the life of a Celina citizen.