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Two missing Indiana girls found in Ohio home, police say

(AP Photo)

Indianapolis (WISH) — A 26-year-old Cincinnati Oh. man is in custody after police say he exploited and sex trafficked a teenage girl.

Police recovered two 16 year old missing Indiana girls from his home.

Payton Jamar Brown is charged in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Ohio with sexual exploitation of children and sex trafficking of minors.

Brown originally met one of the victims on a dating app, according to investigators. They say Brown and the girl, who was reported missing from Evansville, Ind., went to Kings Island and to Brown’s home. Court documents say she did not return home.

According to police, the girl and Brown had a dispute, which led to the victim giving away 5 pounds of Brown’s marijuana. In order to repay the value of the marijuana, Brown suggested the girl have sex with other men for money.

Investigators say Brown instigated the behavior by posting the girl’s photos on websites, advertising sexual intercourse.

Court documents say the girl admitted to having sex with at least 45 men, including one who took her to South Dakota for a motorcycle rally.

Later, court documents say, Brown housed a second girl in his Cincinnati home, a friend of the girl from Evansville. The second girl was reported missing from Greenwood, Ind.

Brown was arrested after investigators received a report in October 2022 from the Safe Harbor Human Trafficking Coordinator at the Hamilton County Juvenile Court.

The coordinator referenced potential victims, specifically two missing children.

In a search of the girl’s phone, police say they found several explicit videos portraying Brown having sex with the minor girl from Evanasville and several text messages between the girl and other men. The messages were offers to sell explicit photos and videos, investigators say.

Court records do not mention if Brown had any sexual contact with the second missing girl from Greenwood.

Brown has been convicted in the past for possession of marijuana and carrying a concealed weapon. He was also arrested for trafficking drugs in 2020.