Old deli in Martinsville reopens with a new twist

MARTINSVILLE, Ind. (WISH) – An old deli in Martinsville reopened this month with a new twist after being closed more than 10 years. The Martinsville Deli first opened in 1999 under ownership of the Brummett family. 

Amy Norcross bought the business in 2005 but ended up having to close during the recession. Norcross said she had always wanted to reopen the business.

“People are really excited to see it back. When it started we had a lot of different salads, deli salads, old fashion salads that were handmade in the shop so, those family recipes we are still using,” Norcross said.

They reopened on July 13 and so far business has done well, according to Norcross.

“People come in and the first thing out their mouths is always ‘oh my gosh, you’re back. We’re so glad you’re back,” she added.

The deli now has a new theme that is the “turn of the century” and Norcross hopes those who step inside take a step back in time.

“We have this beautiful backdrop here behind us that was put in during the turn of the century so we really felt like it was important to honor that and include it as part of the deli. It was actually installed by CocaCola so there’s actually an old Coca-Cola emblem on it,” she said of the old built in cabinet that is dated back to the 1800’s.

Even the work uniform points back to the past. 

“We are dressed as if it were 1910, so Mary Poppins and that whole Titanic era. So, the idea is that you’re stepping back in time when you’re here.”

For Norcross and her business partner Bonnie Judkins, reopening the deli in Martinsville means going back to their roots.

“It’s been fun in a lot of ways. This is our hometown. It’s always been fun to see everyone coming back home,” Judkins said.

“To be able to be so welcomed back home to open this as well has been so exciting,” said Norcross.

The deli is open Monday through Saturday and located at 44 North Main Street in Martinsville.