Indiana Pacers

Pacers trying to get defensive

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Just when the Pacers new offense finally found its projected mojo, the defense is coming apart at the seams.

In their current 3-game skid, Indiana’s given up an average of 125 points a game. You can’t win consistently letting that happen.

“We just gotta tighten the screws up a little bit, something we’re used to doing around here,” said coach Frank Vogel.

He put his team through a pair of defensive-minded practices after the Golden State loss and before Friday’s Miami game. The team knows they need the work.

“We were struggling in Portland and Utah, then the Warriors exposed those flaws that we had defensively,” said Paul George, the team’s top defender. “It’s kinda good that we got our butts kicked to go back to the drawing board and clean things up.”

Center Ian Mahinmi, who’s defensive-minded game has seen a new look agrees. “We emphasized some of the stuff that we used to do very good, and we’ve been doing a poor job at it, we’ve been correcting most of it during two hard days of practice.”

See if it pays off at the Fieldhouse Friday night.