Panera Bread is testing out double bread bowls

PHILADELPHIA (WTNH) — Panera Bread has come up with a new way for customers to taste more of their favorite items; and it comes in loaf form.

Tapping into the old saying that two is better than one, Panera is testing out a new double bread bowl in their Philadelphia area locations.

The new loaf-sized version of their standard sourdough bread bowl has two circular openings that can be filled with either soup, or one of the chain’s various macaroni and cheese styles.

On Tuesday afternoon, Panera asked fans on Twitter where they would want to see the new double bread bowls around the U.S. 

While Panera suggested that the double bread bowl is ideal for sharing, many users want it all for themselves; even if it’s not the best for waist lines.

According to officials at Panera, the double bread bowl will debut in the Philly area at the end of August.