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Pastor claims teen baptized the day before Dubarry Park shooting

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — There are no guarantees in life except death, and things can change at a moment’s notice.

It’s an unsettling reality for two Indianapolis families grieving over the loss of two boys shot and killed at a park.

News 8 spoke with Richard Reynolds, and the pastor believes it’s what we decide to do with our lives that make the difference. He is the pastor of New Revelation Christian Church, the church that Isaiah Jackson, 15, and his family attended. Reynolds had the opportunity to witness Isaiah’s baptism the Sunday before he died.

“He had been eager about it and anticipating it for a long time,” Reynolds said.

Jackson and 16 others, including Isaiah’s mother, were baptized that day. Reynolds said, according to their belief, it’s a special day for Christians to display their devotion to Jesus Christ.

“He made the most important decision of his life and right on time. We miss him. We are going to miss him. We are going to continue to fight for him and our community,” Reynolds said.

Isaiah and Da’Vonta White, 14, were gunned down Monday night at Dubarry Park.

So far, Indianapolis has recorded 37 homicides this year. Reynolds says too many guns on the streets are to blame.

“We have enough chaos in our streets right now. Isaiah is dead. Da’Vonta is dead, and hundreds of others because of the availability of guns and the accessibility of guns. We need to do everything we can to prevent guns from being on our streets,” Reynolds said.

Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department has released little information about the case, including a motive, or exactly what went wrong that night. The person or people responsible for the teens’ death is still on the streets.

As investigators try to solve this case, Reynolds says Isaiah’s family is relying on their faith and support from one another to grieve and make it through hard times.

“They are believers. They loved Isaiah, and they poured into Isaiah. They did the best they could to protect him. I praise God that they don’t mourn as those who have no hope.” Reynolds said.