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Patty’s Picks: John Cena flexes acting muscles in thrilling action film ‘Freelance’

Patty’s Picks: ‘Freelance’

In this week’s edition of Patty’s Picks, movie critic Patty Spitler introduces us to the action-packed film ‘Freelance,’ featuring none other than WWE Superstar turned actor, John Cena.

While Cena hasn’t completely hung up his wrestling boots, he’s increasingly dedicated his time and talent to honing his acting skills.

‘Freelance,’ hitting theaters today, showcases Cena as an ex-special forces operative who takes on a freelance security job to protect a journalist played by Alison Brie.

However, things take a wild turn when they find themselves caught in a violent coup, dodging bullets, and explosions, and navigating through the jungle to survive.

With a blend of action and comedy, Cena’s charismatic humor shines through, earning the film a solid 3.5 stars out of 5 from Patty Spitler, and all without breaking the bank, with a budget a fraction of some other recent blockbusters.

Don’t miss Cena’s thrilling performance in ‘Freelance.’