Pavement problems bring more work for new Greenwood roundabout

Pavement problems bring more work for new Greenwood roundabout

GREENWOOD, Ind. (WISH) — In Johnson County a new roundabout under construction again after the Indiana Department of Transportation discovered a problem with the project.

Officials said the resurfacing was not up to standards.

The roundabout at Smith Valley Road and Madison Avenue was supposed to be finished, but during the winter when crews were working on it, INDOT discovered something was off with the pavement.

“I’m not a materials expert to know what could have been the repercussions,” Greenwood Engineer Daniel Johnston said. “I just know that it didn’t meet that minimum threshold. Again, they’re just replacing it now, ensures that it’s going to be a long-lasting pavement which is better for the drivers.”

Because it was an error, Greenwood officials want to avoid causing any traffic trouble.
So, the construction is mainly going to be happening between 8 p.m. and 6 a.m. the next day.

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“Usually in the morning, it’s not too busy because I get here around 6 or 7 o’clock,” Emily Hofmann, who works nearby, said. “So I don’t usually see it too busy at that time, but I do see it. Like, I look out the window and it gets pretty hectic out there.”

It’s going to vary from day to day how hectic it can be because the roundabout could be completely closed some mornings, other times it could just be lane closures.

“Closing down a lane or two might kind of congest things,” Hofmann said.

But, you shouldn’t have to worry about costs. None of the repairs are coming out of taxpayer pockets. Because it was an error, this project is being fixed for free.

“Since this was a situation of failed materials in terms of testing, there’s no cost to either INDOT or to the city,” Johnston said.

That’s not the only Greenwood project in the works in the area. Honey Creek Road between Smokey Row Road and Stones Crossing Road is closed so the city can completely rebuild the street. The detour using Stones Crossing Road to State Road 135 and down Smokey Row should only take drivers around four more minutes. 

Greenwood is estimating both projects should take a couple of weeks. Officials want to have everything fixed up for the city’s Freedom Festival on June 29.