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Pelath calls for Democratic leadership

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Indiana Democrats are a minority party in search of a leader.

It won’t be state Representative Scott Pelath but Pelath wants to help direct the search.

Pelath is one of the people who gets mentioned as a potential Democratic candidate for governor in 2016. He said Friday that he’s not interested in higher office, at least not yet.

But in a weekly get together with the Statehouse media, Pelath voiced frustration with his ability to block the actions of the Republican majority.

He said he saw examples in the House of Representatives this week of what he called “power drunkeness” on the part of the GOP, and he made this call for leadership from within the Democratic party.

“We need a clear statewide leader,” he said, “and I want somebody to look at that goal and tackle it.” He went on to say, “I’m a little concerned that we, that there’s not an obvious, clear name yet and that needs to be rectified sooner rather than later.”

Pelath’s comments could be interpreted as a slight to Glenda Ritz, who is the only Democrat in a statewide elected office.

Three Democrats are mentioned most often as potential candidates for governor. They are 2012 nominee John Gregg, former Congressman Baron Hill, and Hammond Mayor Tom McDermott.

Pelath said he doesn’t have anyone in particular in mind but made it clear that he needs help spreading the Democratic message.


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