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Pet Pals TV: Therapy dogs come in all sizes, shapes and breeds

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Therapy dogs can come in all shapes, sizes and breeds, but not all dogs are cut out for the job. 

Kelsey Burton, the executive director of “Paws & Think,” stopped by the Daybreak Studios with Patty Spitler to explain what goes into the process of becoming a therapy dog. 

Burton also brought along Pipsqueak, a tiny therapy dog that weighs less than two pounds. Another small dog, Hermie, a new rescue dog also visited the studios. Burton said it isn’t certain yet if Hermie will become a therapy dog, she’s just using this time to get to know the pup. 

Therapy dogs are evaluated every two years and they go through testing in order to remain therapy dogs. 

To learn more about “Paws & Think” and what it takes for a dog to become a therapy dog, click the video.