Pierce Aerospace takes ID service to new levels

FISHERS, Ind. (WISH) — A Carmel graduate has set new records with his drone ID service, even demonstrating with the U.S. Army. Now, Aaron Pierce is working with another local company on ways to use drones to deliver packages to your door.

Pierce’s remote ID service is able to figure out who is flying what drone in the sky. Now, the former greyhound has new data which proves the ID service can detect information from a longer distance.

Pierce Aerospace just spent three weeks giving demonstrations overseas to the U.S. Army.

They set the remote ID local broadcast record for broadcasting a signal from the drone to the ground, which detects the person on the ground. That distance was between three and four kilometers out at 900 meters high. This can give assurance to an agency like the U.S. Army that the drone they see is supposed to be there.

“Especially around that critical airspace around even Washington D.C., at home, or where they may be operating so they can figure out who is friend and who is foe,” Pierce said. “The technology that we are developing can serve both that military side and that commercial side, which means that it’s very similar technology that we’ll have at our homes for getting socks or whatever it may be delivered and the same one that a warfighter is going to be using when they’re deployed.”

Now, Pierce is on to his next project. He is teaming up with Dronedek to create a drone-ready mailbox system. This would mean package delivery to government, commercial, institutional and residential locations throughout the world.

The package would arrive at the door in a secure and private mailbox. Pierce Aerospace will provide remote ID to the specific mailbox so they can provide identity assurance from sky to ground. This means your mailbox will be able to open only for the drone that is coming to your house.

Pierce says this is a historical point in postal services, similar to Benjamin Franklin’s reorganization of the postal service, the first mailbox adoptions in the mid-1800s and airmail.

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