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Pilot born without arms embraces little girl with same condition

OSHKOSH, Wisconsin (WISH) – They’re photos that are touching people near and far.

Jessica Cox is the world’s first and only armless pilot and motivational speaker. For three years, director Nick Spark followed she and her husband across three continents, chronicling her inspiring story in a documentary called “Right Footed.” 

The film made its world premiere last month at the Mirabile Dictu Film Festival at Vatican City, Rome, where it was awarded Best Documentary Film. Last week, it made its U.S. premiere at an aviation event in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

It was there, before the film’s second screening, that Cox met a little girl she’ll never forget. Three-year-old RE and her mother drove six hours to be there. RE, like Cox, was also born without arms.

Cox stopped signing books and posters and turned her attention to little RE and her mom. She showed her how she ties her shoes and signed a poster so that she could see how she writes with her toes. Jessica even took RE and her mom across the tarmac and showed them how she flies a plane with her feet.

Spark said in a blog post that the visit gave RE’s mother an enormous boost and showed RE how she can accomplish anything.

“Right Footed” will be shown at festivals for the next few months.

To see a full screening schedule click here.