Plane’s banner condemns RFRA and Final Four in Indy

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – A plane flying over Lucas Oil Stadium Saturday conveyed‘s opposition to Indiana’s RFRA law and condemned the NCAA’s choice to hold the Final Four event in Indianapolis.

A banner flying behind the small plane that circled over the stadium read, “Sir Charles is Right: Discrimination is Wrong.”

The sentiment echoed basketball legend Charles Barkley’s opposition to the discriminatory law.

Barkley stated that he believed the NCAA Final Four should not be played in Indiana because of the controversial bill that Pence signed into law on March 26th.

On April 2, Indiana State Legislature approved an addition to the law which includes an anti-discrimination amendment. Pence signed the amendment later on that day.

“Yesterday Gov. Mike Pence signed an amended version of Indiana’s ‘Religious Freedom Restoration Act’ into law. While this amended version protects some groups from discrimination stemming from this particular law, it is not enough,” said Community Manager Benjamin O’Keefe of “We continue to call for the full repeal of this law, and for new legislation that protects LGBT people from discrimination.” and American Veterans for Equal Rights, an LGBT veterans service, sent over 63,000 signatures in a petition to the NCAA asking for headquarter relocation.