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Police called to Greenwood neighbors again, a year after lawnmower shooting incident

GREENWOOD, Ind. (WISH) — The saga continues for two feuding Greenwood neighbors. Johnson County Sheriff deputies were called to their homes on Tuesday. Last June, a video of Dean Keller shooting his neighbor, Jeffrey Weigle, made national headlines.

Prosecutors charged Weigle in that incident. After being released from jail in January, Weigle has not had any run-ins with Keller, until Tuesday. Weigle called police. According to a police report, as officers were on the way, dispatch reported that the subject saw people hiding in the weeds and shots were being fired. Both sides deny firing shots. 

News 8 spoke to Weigle’s roommate, Nancy Phillips and Keller’s sister, who lives next door to him, Lisa Shipe. Phillips claims that Weigle was outside mowing the grass, when Keller started harassing him and that’s why he called police. 

Shipe tells a different story. She says her brother was outside doing yard work and for no reason, Weigle called police. 

Their dispute dates back to nearly a decade. Police have been called to the area more than 15 times. Keller filed a protective order against Weigle, but that seems to have done nothing to stop the fighting. 

“We can’t change him or we can’t go near him. So, just prayer, is the only thing that’s going to fix him,” said Shipe. 

Phillips said, “You never know what’s going to happen from one day to the next. I invested in three cameras. I have one on the front door, we carry one out each time Jeff mows. He didn’t have it with him yesterday.”

Last June, Keller’s surveillance video captured him firing multiple shots at Weigle. According to prosecutors, Weigle, who was on a lawn mower, waved a gun first and Keller shot him in self defense. Weigle was hospitalized, jailed and pleaded guilty to criminal recklessness in the incident. He was released from jail in January.