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Police mistake movie scene for armed robbery

CRAWFORDSVILLE, Ind. (WISH) — A movie scene being filmed at a Crawfordsville bar was mistaken for an armed robbery.

Indiana State Police reported a trooper responded to the Back Step Brewing Co, 125 N. Green St., just before 7 p.m Tuesday. A subject, later identified as actor Jim Duff, was seen entering the bar wearing a ski mask and holding a gun. When police arrived, they saw Duff backing out of a door and allegedly advised him to drop the gun.

When he turned toward the officers, they said they believed their lives were in danger and fired at him. Duff then dropped the gun, pulled off the mask and told police that it was a movie set.

No one was injured. The production company, Montgomery County Production, and the bar owners did not notify police or local businesses that the filming would take place. The gun was a movie prop.

Duff was placed into custody until the story could be authenticated, and then he was released.

The investigation was ongoing.

The production company issued this statement:

Montgomery County Movies would first of all like to thank the Crawfordsville Police Department for their hasty response to what they thought was a crime being committed. Had it been a real robbery, the police were quick to the scene, and the situation would have been diffused promptly. Movie officials did not physically see what transpired outside the location, except for what was visible through the glass doors entering the establishment. During the scene, a masked robber was suppose to flee the place after being intimidated by the patrons inside. Once outside, from what witnesses could hear and see, the actor complied with the police, removed his mask, and a gunshot was fired. Montgomery County Movies is currently working with local law enforcement to put a plan in place so this doesn’t happen again. Safety should be of the highest priority, and communication could have spared all of us from the incident, not just for MCM, but for anyone out there looking to make films. No one was hurt in the incident.”