Police: Naked murder suspect captured waving gun inside South Nashville Waffle House

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — A woman wanted for a 2017 murder was arrested Saturday morning while naked and waving a gun inside of a busy South Nashville restaurant, Metro police say.

Montessa Tate-Thornton, 19, was taken into custody at the Waffle House on Harding Place near I-24 on charges including public indecency and public intoxication.

Police said they responded to a report of a naked man and woman with a weapon inside of the business.

When officers arrived, they said they observed Tate-Thornton wearing no clothing inside the Waffle House, which was open for business, and waving around a gun while acting erratically.

Tate-Thornton was “screaming, sweating excessively and making incoherent statements,” an arrest report states.

Police said the 19-year-old admitted she had used marijuana and cocaine.

The other naked suspect allegedly involved in the same incident was identified as Larico Nixon, 34, and he was charged with public indecency, public intoxication and being a felon in possession of a weapon, authorities said.

Police stated Nixon was observed running with a gun, also wearing no clothing, and chasing Tate-Thornton, while admittedly under the influence of marijuana, cocaine and crack cocaine.

Once Tate-Thornton was in custody, investigators said they discovered she was wanted on a charge of first-degree murder in the December 10, 2017 shooting death of 23-year-old Maxime Assem.

Assem was killed during a robbery at University Court Apartments, police said.

James Gilchrist, accused of firing the fatal shot, was arrested in March on charges of first-degree murder, especially aggravated robbery and unlawful gun possession by a convicted felon.

Police said Tate-Thornton knew Assem and conspired with Gilchrist, 26, to rob him.

Bond for Tate-Thornton was set at about $175,000. 


The CDC has thoughts about soul patches and mutton chops. And they have to do with preventing coronavirus

(CNN) — When it comes to novel coronavirus safety, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has some suggestions about facial hair.

Side whiskers, soul patches, lampshades and handlebar moustaches are good to go, according to a CDC infographic. But styles like long stubble, a beard, the Dali and mutton chops are not recommended because they are likely to interfere with a facepiece respirator.

Masks and respirators are being utilized around the world to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus, which has reached more than 80,000 cases globally.

A respirator covers at least the nose and mouth and protects against particles including infectious agents, the CDC said. However, the CDC does not recommend routine use outside of workplaces.

Facial hair poses a risk to the effectiveness of respirators because it may keep the exhalation valve from working properly if the two come into contact, the infographic said.

No matter the style choice, the hair should not cross the respirator sealing surface, the infographic said.

A goatee, horseshoe and villain mustache are okay, with caution, the infographic noted.