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Indiana Senate candidate smokes marijuana in new ad for cannabis legalization

(Courtesy of Thomas McDermott/Twitter)

(WISH) — A Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate in Indiana has released a campaign ad showing himself smoking marijuana.

Thomas McDermott released the ad online Tuesday morning, as parts of the country marked 4/20 day.

The ad begins with McDermott lighting what appears to be a marijuana cigarette, then smoking from it.

“Even on #420day not many Senate candidates admit to having smoked weed,” McDermott wrote in a tweet accompanying the ad.  “I’ve been thinking a lot about whether to launch this video where I light up.  It’s an issue that’s personal & important to me & so many.”

An on-screen disclaimer in the commercial indicates it was filmed in Illinois, where marijuana possession and consumption is legal.

McDermott currently serves as mayor of Hammond and will challenge incumbent Republican Sen. Todd Young in November.

State legislative Democrats made marijuana legalization in Indiana a key part of their 2022 agenda, but the bills did not pass the Republican-dominated General Assembly.