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Indianapolis government to move more employees to City-County Building

City to move employees downtown to CCB

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Mayor Joe Hogsett is planning to bring hundreds of city employees back downtown.

He says he wants to consolidate government services within the City-County Building.

Three hundred positions will come to the City-County Building in Phase 1 with an additional 150 in Phase 2.

Currently, hundreds of city and Marion County employees work from satellite locations across the country.

The city says the move downtown will save taxpayers an estimated $450,000 a year.

Hogsett, a Democrat, will face Republican Jefferson Shreve in the Nov. 7 election.

News release

“Mayor Joe Hogsett Announces Plan to Bring Hundreds of City Employees Back Downtown

“City-County Building consolidation is part of Downtown Resiliency Strategy and will save taxpayers nearly $450,000 per year

“INDIANAPOLIS – Today Mayor Joe Hogsett announced that he will bring more than 300 city employees back to downtown Indianapolis, consolidating government services within the City-County Building (CCB). This plan will improve access to services and save taxpayers an estimated $450,000 on an annual basis beginning in 2024, all while providing an economic boost to the city’s central business district as part of Mayor Hogsett’s Downtown Resiliency Strategy.

“‘This announcement matches our commitment to saving taxpayer dollars with our commitment to a vibrant downtown,’ said Mayor Hogsett. ‘We’re proud to lead by example in maintaining a robust downtown workforce. And in the process, we’re making local government as accessible as ever.’

“Currently, hundreds of City-County employees work from satellite locations spread across Marion County – often in privately-owned space that is leased by taxpayers. Under Mayor Hogsett’s plan, these employees would backfill space within the City-County Building recently vacated by the opening of the Community Justice Campus.

“Approximately 300 positions will come to the CCB as part of Phase 1, with an additional 150 as part of Phase 2. The first phase includes the Engineering Division of the Department of Public Works, the Planning Division of Indy Parks, and the entirety of the Department of Business and Neighborhood Services, all of which currently reside at privately-leased space at 1200 Madison Avenue.

“The second phase includes the relocation of Marion County Community Corrections from its location at the former Jail I site, allowing for demolition and redevelopment of this key downtown real estate. Madison Avenue personnel will move by the end of 2023 and Community Corrections will move by the end of 2024.

“In a third phase, IMPD Downtown District will also be relocated to the CCB, co-locating with IMPD administration staff within the East Wing of the building. Downtown District is currently located within the historic Union Station, and the Department of Metropolitan Development will explore creative redevelopment opportunities in this unique space.

“Mayor Hogsett’s consolidation plan will create one of the densest blocks of consistent professional workforce in the Mile Square, powering the growing retail and entertainment offerings of the Market East District. This consolidation will take place as a complete redevelopment of the City Market campus takes place, including the creation of the state’s densest residential block.

“In addition to consolidation, the CCB is also undergoing renovations to better serve the needs of staff and Indianapolis residents. Following the completion of Phase III, residents will be able to meet with multiple agencies in one location on the first floor of the building in an over-the-counter service center. The City is also conducting a comprehensive analysis of the five-floor west wing of the CCB to determine how best to utilize or redevelop the space.”

News release from Mark Bode, communications director, Office of the Mayor