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John Schmitz to fill Indiana’s 7th Congressional District ballot vacancy

Indiana GOP logo. (Provided Photo/Indiana GOP via Facebook)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — A caucus of precinct committeemen in the 7th District was called by the Indiana GOP to fill a candidate vacancy for the 7th Congressional District created by the passing of Jennifer Pace.

Indiana Republican Party Chairwoman Anne Hathaway provided the following statement:

“Congratulations to John Schmitz on his victory!

We are excited that John Schmitz stepped up to fill this role when we needed him. We have no doubt that he will take Congressman André Carson to task and force him to answer for his almost non-existent record, after 14 years in the same position.

André Carson has never represented the needs of his constituents, and only serves as a ‘yes’ vote for anything the Democrat leadership tells him to support. John Schmitz will be a voice for the 7th district, not just another vote for the radical liberal agenda.”