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Young says he’s withholding judgment on FBI Mar-A-Lago raid

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Sen. Todd Young said Friday morning he wants to see the search warrant for former President Donald Trump’s home before he criticizes the FBI’s raid there.

The Indiana Republican’s comments came during a campaign event at a McCordsville gas station. They contrast with statements from other leading Republicans including Young’s colleague Sen. Mike Braun, who accused the Biden Administration of using the FBI and the Department of Justice as tools to attack its political opponents.

“This seems unprecedented. I don’t know that we’ve had a President of the United States experience this sort of investigation,” Young said. “I think it’s smart for us to withhold full judgment until we see the search warrant and other documents.”

Young instead focused his criticism on President Joe Biden’s economic policy. As part of his campaign event, the owner of the gas station temporarily lowered prices there to $2.38 per gallon, the average when Biden took office. Young said he blamed Biden’s energy policies for high gas prices and inflation, though he said he hoped new numbers suggesting inflation slowed last month are correct.

President Biden late last month credited his administrations’ efforts to boost oil production with the drop in gas prices over the past two months. He said oil and gas companies already have more lease permits than they need, and he wants to force them to use them or lose them.