Poll: More drivers distracted rather than aggressive, impaired

 A new AAA poll is revealing what is most distracting to drivers on the road.

In the poll, 49 percent of drivers admitted to recently talking on a cellphone while driving. Another 35 percent said they’ve sent a text or email while behind the wheel.

The AAA Foundation said these habits top aggressive driving, and driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

The poll also shows 88 percent of drivers say distracted driving is on the rise.

AAA urged drivers to follow these tips:

  • Put aside electronic distractions and never use text messaging, email, video games or internet functions, including those built into the vehicle, while driving.
  • Preprogram your GPS and adjust seats, mirrors, climate controls and sound systems before driving.
  • Properly secure children and pets and store loose possessions and other items that could roll around in the car.
  • Snack smart by avoiding messy foods that can be difficult to manage.

The poll was released this week.