Potholes in Indy blitzed by crews

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – The Department of Public Works (DPW) had 25 crews that worked overtime on Saturday to fill the remaining pothole requests.

The crews have already filled 1,700 of the 4,200 pothole requests.

“They (potholes) are a major headache for drivers, obviously, who are trying to do the happy dance and avoid those so we want to get those patched to make sure that the roads are smooth to drive on and that it’s safe and you don’t have cars swerving from side to side to avoid those potholes,” said DPW spokesman Scott Manning.

The pothole patching focused on main and secondary streets. Crews are scheduled on Saturday, March 28 for overtime to continue to fill the remaining potholes.

Indianapolis residents can view current pothole requests here.

To report a pothole to the Mayor’s Action Center: