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Presidential buzz: Pence attends major GOP events

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – More presidential buzz surrounding Gov. Mike Pence.

Pence is attending two major Republican events, considered to be big stages for potential candidates.

Pence is set to have a main speaking role Friday night at the Conservative Political Action Conference, or CPAC. It’s a yearly event that brings in many top Republicans, some, who hope to run for the White House.

Saturday, the Governor is set to attend another event in Florida.

Pence wouldn’t say if he plans to run next year, but he did talk about the message he plans to give at CPAC.

“I’m going to talk about, in part, about what’s happening in the states. I think the American people are tired of a ‘Washington knows best’ mentality, on the left and on the right. I’m going to talk about what we’ve been able to accomplish here in the state of Indiana, when we brought state-based innovation and reform, in a broad range of areas from education, recently to health care and transportation,” Pence said.

Governor Pence also said he will have a bit of advice for a rising generation of national leaders.

He added he’s honored to speak, is looking forward to it and is a little bit nervous and grateful for the opportunity.

University of Indianapolis Political Science professor Laura Albright said the straw poll they conduct at CPAC will show a popularity or general approval among conservatives, so it’ll be telling to see if Pence garners a large number of votes there.

Albright added though, there’s a long way to the finish line. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush have generated some interest in the media, but it remains to be seen if that interest can be maintained through the election.

Pence has said he’ll say more about whether or not he’ll seek that GOP nomination after the legislature wraps up in April.