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Professional dog caregiver shares tips for walking your dog

Noah’s Animal Hospitals: Benefits of hiring a dog walker

September 8th is National Dog Walker Day.

First discussed in 2016 by Wag!, the app that connects dog owners with dog walkers, the day recognizes the dedication the professionals have to both your dogs and the entire family.

Professional dog walkers can play a big role for dog owners.

Dogs need that added exercise, but if you’re like me sometimes life is just too busy.

I would love to take my dogs Cap and Indy on walks all the time, but sometimes I just can’t get it done.

That’s why it can be a good idea to hire a professional to help.

Jillian Tyree is with Noah’s Animal Hospital. She says professional dog walkers offer something different from just paying a neighbor or friend to do it.

She says in many cases the professional walkers are certified in some way.

They also may know more about taking care of dogs if something happens.

Jillian also has some tips for when it comes to walking your own dog.

For example, only walk your dog as far as they can walk back.

Also, if they don’t seem like they really want to go on a walk it’s important to look at the factors.

Is it too hot? Are they tired? Or is it that maybe they’re just being stubborn and you should try to get them outside anyway?

Apps like Wag! or Rover can be a good option. They can quickly connect you with a dog walker in your area. Much like ride-sharing apps in most cases, these dog walkers are also tracked and insured.

Jillian also says it’s a good idea to get a list of references. And also find out how they would handle a pet emergency.