Race day weekend: What you need to know to stay healthy

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – The IU Health Infield Care Center has a team of medical professionals ready to keep race fans healthy throughout the weekend. 

Still, doctors there are asking everyone to come to the track with patience, common sense and sunscreen.  

That’s because Friday’s heat index could get up into the 80s and Sunday could bring lightning.  

Dr. Geoff Billows, an emergency physician at IMS, says if race fans start to feel light-headed or dizzy, they should seek out one of the 85 misting stations spread across the speedway. 

There are also cooling tents on the north and south sides of the track as well as cooling buses fans can hop on and off of. 

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The heat combined with alcoholic beverages can cause serious dehydration. 

Dr. Billows advises fans who choose to drink to follow each drink with water or another fluid like Gatorade. 

He also reminds everyone that stands are made of metal. 

If there is lightning on Carb Day or Race Day, follow signs on the video boards and heed evacuation advice.

Dr, Billows says the Infield Care Center is equipped to handle emergencies from small cuts to heart attacks. 

They want fans to feel safe knowing help is nearby. 

“You know our goal is to make sure people enjoy their day here at the races. And we want to be able to take care of minor illness and minor injuries and try to get people back out to their seats, so they can enjoy the race while they’re here,” said Dr. Billows. 

In addition to the Infield Care Center, there is a remote Infield Center inside turn 3. 

IU Health also operates 15 first aid stations staffed by over 120 EMS personnel.

The Infield Care Center is located just south of Gasoline Alley. 

For those not feeling great, it’s in everyone’s best interest to stop in and get checked out.