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Raising a glass to National Bourbon Day with Jeptha Creed

Raising a glass to National Bourbon Day with Jeptha Creed 

Who knew?! It’s National Bourbon Day, so let’s celebrate!

Joyce Nethery and Mike Stone from Jeptha Creed are here to chat about today’s Indiana Bourbon Launch, old-fashioned methods and family-owned business! 

Raising a glass to National Bourbon Day with Jeptha Creed 

Indiana Bourbon Launch on National Bourbon Day Friday June 14th, 2019 
What defines Bourbon ? No less than 51% corn, Aged in new charred oak barrels, Straight bourbon refers to bourbon aged for at least 2 years, must be distilled no more than 160 proof entered in the barrel no more than 125 proof, bottled at 80 proof or more. 

Jeptha Creed 4 Grain Straight Bourbon is now available for Indiana. Jeptha Creed bourbon is 98 Proof, Women Owned and Family Operated, Made with Bloody Butcher Corn, Four Grain Mashbill, Aged Minimum of 2 years

Jeptha Creed Distillery started in 2016. Jeptha Creed Distillery uses old-fashioned methods to meet today’s demanding modern tastes. They use only the finest ingredients, locally grown and sourced (when possible) to ensure products meet the highest expectations for quality and flavor. You could say they’re history in the making, but really, they’re making old fashion new.

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Owned and operated by dynamic mother-and-daughter duo Joyce and Autumn Nethery, Jeptha Creed sits on 64 acres of farmland, where they grow the Bloody Butcher Corn we use for all of their products. One of the things they’re most proud of at Jeptha Creed is their commitment to the ground to glass concept. Whenever they can, they grow the ingredients that are used in their spirits.

Raising a glass to National Bourbon Day with Jeptha Creed 

-On the rocks (Ice Ball)
-Farmers Refresher Cocktail 
2 oz orange and mint shrub
½ oz antica sweet vermouth
2 oz jeptha creed 4 grain bourbon
Dashes of Ne Oublie Black Walnut bitters
Garnish with mint & orange

To learn more, visit: 
@JepthaCreed – All social platforms

Upcoming local event: Saturday June 15th, 2019 Noon – 2pm Meet the Master Distiller Bourbon Event @ Payless Liquors 3825 S. East Street, Indianapolis, IN 46227