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Reasons why now is a great time to buy a home

Reasons why now is a great time to buy a home 

To rent or to buy. For so many of us, that is the complex question.

Shelly Walters, Shelly Walters Realty Group, explains why BUYING, especially in today’s market, may be the better choice. 

*If you are renting- why you should consider buying
    1) Rents are going higher and higher
    2) Can’t write off your rental payments off your taxes
           *For example, if you were paying $1300 a month in rent you could afford a home priced around $200,000 for the same mortgage payment
           *You can write off your mortgage interest paid so in this example you would also save about $1100 after that tax break. 
           *You also gain equity and when you go to sell you can have extra money in your pocket from the sale.  If you rent the landlord is gaining the equity on your payments. 
    3) It is shown homeowners are happier about their living situation if they own vs. rent

*Reasons why people don’t buy
    1) Very transient job or family situations- this makes sense to rent
    2) Think they need a big down payment
A)    There are 0% down payment programs that ARE NOT income driven
                         *Certain areas are designated for 0% down programs
B) Anchor Companies in Indy give down payment assistance
C) FHA loans are just 3.5% down and you can get gift money from someone to help with that down payment so $100,000 home needs just $3500 down.
   3) Afraid of the process
A)    Need to hire an experienced realtor to guide you through

-The Shelly Walters Realty Group will be holding a Home Buying seminar in May. Contact The Shelly Walters Realty Group about 0%-low down payment programs available. 

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