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Record rainfall creating paving delays and pothole issues

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – The constant beat down of rain isn’t just creating a mess for homeowners and farmers, but for drivers as well.

Indianapolis Department of Public Works officials said the record rainfall has delayed some patchwork.

“With the heavy rain, I see the street, where they patched them is starting to fall back apart,” Indianapolis resident Danny Hoaglan said. “There’s several that they’re missing,” Indianapolis resident Tequila Sims said.

24-Hour News 8 met with DPW officials to find out what’s being done to fix the roads.

“When we dedicate 12 to 15 crews a day to potholes, I mean that can fill 200 to 250 a day,” DPW communications director Scott Manning said. “So we can knock that number down real quickly.”

Manning said there’s only a handful of crews working on potholes, because the rest are on storm clean-up.

“Our crews are trying to deal with a number of different issues, but with that in mind, we’re still patching potholes every day,” Manning said.

Something that will help officials said would help is that if residents observe a pothole to let them know, by one of three different ways.

  1. Call the Mayor’s Action Center
  2. Use the city’s website
  3. Use the city’s mobile app, where you can not only use GPS coordinates to show where the potholes are, but you can even submit photos.

It’s not just potholes. City officials said some resurfacing projects, including one on Emerson Avenue, have been delayed.

A situation some hope clears up soon.

“It’s going to take some time, so yeah, I can wait a little while to see how soon they get to it,” Hoaglan said.

“We need these potholes fixed now because it’s costing us money as far as damages to our vehicles,” Sims said.

To learn more about reporting potholes, click here.