Reddit photo shows truck maneuvering out of narrow underpass ‘Austin Powers-style’

“Two men and a stuck truck”

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — A moving truck brought traffic to a standstill Wednesday morning at Washington Street and College Avenue as it maneuvered out of a narrow underpass beneath a downtown railroad bridge.

Moving company “Two Men And A Truck” confirmed the vehicle was operated by one of their drivers.

A photo of the incident, reminiscent of Austin Powers’ infamous three-point turn, was posted on Reddit with the caption, “Two men and a stuck truck.”

The image shows the truck blocking all three lanes of the one-way underpass, almost parallel to the bridge.

Allen Fricker, the original poster, told News 8 he took the photo.

“What in the actual truck is going on here?” a Reddit user commented under the post.

“I think they are gonna need more than two men today,” another user wrote. “Maybe five or six… and a tow truck.”

A spokesperson for the moving company maintained their vehicle wasn’t “stuck” under the bridge. The driver was traveling west on Washington Street and “miscalculated” the angle of a right turn onto College Avenue, according to the company.

“Luckily, there was no contact,” marketing manager Scott Hodgin said in an email to News 8. “Our trucks are 13′ 5″ tall and the bridge is 13′ 9.” The truck did block traffic after taking a wide turn and had to re-maneuver out of its position.”

Two Men And A Truck apologized for inconveniencing drivers stuck in the traffic jam.

The railroad bridge at Washington Street and College Avenue is operated by CSX Transportation. Company representatives were unable to confirm Wednesday night if the moving truck incident around 9:10 a.m. resulted in structural damage.

Jeremy Stacy, a local box truck driver, said he and his colleagues avoid turning onto College Avenue when driving along Washington Street.

“Why would you even attempt that?” Stacy said. “We can’t come this way because of that narrow bridge.”

He takes a nearly mile-long detour along I-65 and Fletcher Avenue in order to approach the bridge head-on from College Avenue, instead of turning into the underpass from Washington Street.

“I seen [another truck] actually try to make that turn yesterday,” Stacy said Wednesday evening. “And it was about to take that whole pillar out [under the bridge].”

The federal government recommends bridges on public roads have a clearance of at least 14 feet, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation.

CSX representatives did not immediately respond to questions from News 8 about whether the company had plans to increase the height or width of the railroad bridge.

The moving company claimed their truck caused no damage to the overpass. (Photo: Allen Fricker)