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Reel Tok with Kayla: The “switch witch” trend

Halloween candy is never too much! Closeup on woman putting trick or treat candy in halloween Jack-o-Lantern bucket. Traditional autumn holiday

Reel Tok with Kayla: Kids don’t need to be eating all of the candy they get from trick or treating but stopping them from doing so is a lot easier with a new viral trend.

Kristyn Cole did an excellent job showing what the switch witch trend is all about! Watch in the video below.


So much candy already this year and we haven’t even trick or treated yet! We are ready for the switch witch! #switchwitch #halloween #trickortreat

♬ original sound – Kristyn Cole

The switch witch works as a candy exchange program where kids leave out the extra candy and the next morning they find a gift in its place.

Obviously, that gift comes from the parents not an actual witch.

It’s becoming popular on social media.

I personally think another holiday with gifts is too much. I’d prefer to save gifts for birthdays and Christmas but I do like to cut back on candy for my son.

What do you think about the switch witch idea?

There have been some dietitians that have weighed in on this subject. Dr. Taylor Arnold said she isn’t a fan of parents posing the switch witch as a way to get their kids to stop sneaking candy.

Watch her response below.


#stitch with @Kristyn Cole I am not a fan of the switch witch as a method to reduce a child’s sugar intake on Halloween. #switchwitch #halloween #halloweencandy #pickyeater #fussyeater #dietculture

♬ original sound – Dr. Taylor • Kid nutrition

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