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Rep. Susan Brooks says Clinton ‘misled the American people’

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Indiana Congresswoman Susan Brooks is one of the seven Republicans on the Benghazi Committee. She said their report spells out a failure in American foreign policy.

Rep. Brooks was chosen to serve on the Benghazi committee because she is a former U.S. Attorney with a reputation for being a straight shooter.

She was the final speaker at the Capitol Hill news conference where the Republican report on Benghazi was released.

“The State Department made a conscious decision to keep the Benghazi compound off the radar,” she said, “and not provide it the security that it needed.”

She was critical of then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, but in a satellite interview said others share the blame for what happened in Benghazi.

“The entire Obama Administration is to blame,” she said. “However, what we learned in our investigation is that, in fact, Secretary Clinton had led the effort on behalf of the Obama Administration to go into Libya.”

And while Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy carefully avoided saying that Clinton lied, Brooks came close.

“They misled,” she said. “I believe they misled the American people as to what happened that night.”

Democrats accuse the Republicans of seeking to damage Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid but Brooks suggested that political motives were what drove the Obama Administration.

Meantime, Indiana Republicans announced plans Tuesday for an August fundraiser that will feature a former Marine who fought against the terrorists in Libya.