Report: Bernie Madoff corners hot chocolate market in prison

BUTNER, N.C. (WCMH) – Ponzi schemer Bernie Madoff has cornered the hot chocolate market while serving out his 150-year sentence at a federal prison in North Carolina.

According to Market Watch, the 78-year-old is making big profits off of hot chocolate. The information comes from a reporter who has had considerable contact with Madoff since the ponzi scheme mastermind headed to prison.

“Bernie really was a successful businessman with quite original insights into the market, and he’s continued applying his business instincts in prison. At one point, he cornered the hot chocolate market. He bought up every package of Swiss Miss from the commissary and sold it for a profit in the prison yard. He monopolized hot chocolate! He made it so that if you wanted any, you had to go through Bernie.”

Madoff pleaded guilty in 2009 to stealing $17.5 billion from investors. He’s incarcerated at the Butner Federal Correctional Complex in North Carolina. In addition to his hot chocolate “business,” the captured conman also makes $40-a-month pushing a broom in the prisoners’ common area.


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