Reporter records call, scammer admits wrong-doing

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH ) – With tax season in full swing, scammers are ramping up efforts in Central Indiana. Some are claiming to be from government agencies, including the IRS.

24-Hour News 8’s Nina Criscuolo received one of the calls and recorded it. The scammer who targeted her cell phone insisted he was with the U.S. Treasury Department.

When confronted, the caller admitted he was calling from another country, posing as the government and trying to steal money.

“Yes, you are right. You are exactly right. We are in different country, but we have one boss. They will try to control me,” the man said.

Hear the entire phone call here: (Story continues below the video)

The man wouldn’t tell Criscuolo his name or exactly what country he was in, but he said he was 18 years old and living with hundreds of other young people tasked with making these calls each and every day. He also said Americans are foolish, and that’s why they target them.

It’s important to remember the government and any of its agencies will never contact you by phone. They almost exclusively communicate through the postal service.

The Marion County Prosecutor’s Office said last month some scammers will claim you’re in trouble. For instance, they may say you’ve missed jury duty or owe money to the IRS. Others will say you have an unclaimed refund. Either way, they’ll ask you to send money. Prosecutors said that money isn’t going to the government, and it probably wouldn’t even stay in the country.

The prosecutor suggests if you do not recognize a phone number, don’t answer the call and never send money on a Green Dot or VISA gift card to anyone who calls you for any reason.

For more information on fraud, click here.


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