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Revolutionizing hospitality with AI

Kaysilyn Lawson, Hospitality and AI

Gone are the days when a simple phone call could secure restaurant reservations or hotel bookings. Today, the hospitality industry is embracing AI to transform interactions with restaurants and hotels. Joining the conversation on the future of hospitality is Kaysilyn Lawson, President of Kaysilyn Lawson Hospitality Group.

Lawson highlights that AI is a valuable tool that aids in the hospitality industry’s evolution. Online reservations have become more efficient, replacing the need for phone calls and offering more interactive and responsive experiences. AI analyzes data to provide personalized responses and streamline processes.

Addressing concerns about AI’s impact on jobs, Lawson emphasizes that AI is a tool that augments human efforts rather than replacing them entirely. For instance, AI-powered robots can assist with tasks like loading luggage carts, freeing up staff to focus on guest interactions and enhancing the overall guest experience.

AI’s impact extends to various aspects of the hospitality industry, such as housekeeping. Lawson explains how AI is used to optimize laundry operations, from loading and unloading washing machines to folding and ironing. Additionally, AI assists in energy conservation by adjusting temperatures based on external conditions.

The discussion challenges the common fear of AI taking jobs. Lawson reassures that AI-enhanced processes still require human management and interaction. She also showcases the services offered by Kaysilyn Lawson Hospitality Group, including brand development and expansion support for hotels and restaurants across various markets.

The conversation sheds light on the positive role AI plays in hospitality, dispelling fears and highlighting its potential to streamline operations, enhance guest experiences, and facilitate growth within the industry.